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We provide

Technical and IT Outsourcing Services

We provide technical architecture design and review services which help companies to build their IT infrastructure for further company growth. We also provide technical support for server installation and configuration setup for clients. Further support services such as IT network administration, setup and support services can be done with our NetCare and IT Outsourcing services. Both Onsite and Hotline support services are available at the choice of customers.


Big data

To ensure a high level of data quality and accessibility for business intelligence and big data analytics applications

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Application Hosting and Support Services

Micro 2000 also provides a cost effective and secured Application Hosting including databases services for enterprises. We have certified database administrators and consultants who can provide database installation, fine tuning and application monitoring role to ensure a smooth operation on the end users side. These services eliminate the high cost of hardware and database technical support investment and increase ROI for enterprises.

Premium Service

Premium Service - fully protect your business in hardware and software level as many retail stores are operation at non-office hours, M2K Premium service is target for these retail customers:

  • Service Level Detail:
  • Charge at per month per POS basic, include on-site support
  • This service just limited in Hong Kong, Macau and China area.


Web Services with Interactive Multimedia Tools

We have strong experience

Design and web programming team to serve different business nature company such as Corporate company, Distribution, Manufacturing/Trading company, Properties, etc.


Business Application Implementation

Micro 2000 has developed its own business application software for various industries such as Retail Chain Stores, Shopping Mall, Property and Leasing, Manufacturing and Distribution. Besides our M2K series software solutions, we also provide international software solution with our solution partners for various International software solution such as SAP All-in-One; SAP Business One, Oracle e-Business Suite and Microsoft Dynamic AX and NAV. We have our own application consulting and programming team to provide the implementation, training,enhancement support.

Application Development

We have strong experience

Micro 2000 has a strong technical and application programming team to design and developed web-based business application for our clients. Scope of application can range from a comprehensive company wide business application to small scale systems. Our services can start from business requirement review system design,development,implementation,post implementation review,maintenance


Internet of Things

Connect your IoT devices to the internet without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction to synchronize and exchange data.

UI/UX Driven Design

Design your product

Design your product with user-friendly interfaces to enable users to understand how to use complex technical products.

We provide

SSL Certificate

Buy a SSL Cert for your domain and subdomain. SSL enables encrypted connection to a website.

  • Why should you use SSL certificate?
  • Secure
  • Encrypt communication between users and the website, such as password and credit card info
  • Trust
  • Website ownership verification and increase customer confidence
  • Optimization
  • Better SEO performance, increase search engine ranking.

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Distribution & Retails Customers

Government and Public Sectors

Distribution & Retails Customers

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