Micro 2000 Ltd. Experiences and Track Records

Established in Hong Kong Since 1996

Business Focus

Provide the best business software application for our major industries focus in Shopping Mall and Retail Industry; Property Development Industry and Manufacturing Industry. We also provide high end Web sites design and web-enabled applications utilizing Internet technologies (which include Internet, Intranet, and Extranet)

Enterprise Services

Web sites development, revamp and maintenance, consultation service, client/server application development, WAN infrastructure set-up, Internet access service, web hosting and online shopping transaction, etc.

our Team

Meet Our Team


Team members are mostly come from 4A advertising companies, thus they are inherent with creativity, class of style, latest trends in the design, multi-media and publishing areas. They can pop good ideas for the customers and guide them to dig deep what style of design they really want and how they wish to present the information on both the NET and on papers.


Our production team is proficient in content / HTML production and updating. The team members work closely with the Creative and Design team as well as the Programming team. They convert the layouts designed by the Creative & Design team into HTML format and smooth the progress of the Programming team for embedding programs into the HTML code. Moreover, after the launching of each web site, the Production team will take over the maintaining and updating of work upon client’s request.


Develop our M2K series of business application for our industries focus. Also make use of Microsoft platforms (such as ASP, Access, VB, etc.) and Linux/Unix’s platform (such as PHP, PERL, JSP, EJB, shell and cgi scripts) to enable the flexibility for the clients needs.


Sets up, manages, maintains and monitors the networks and servers. Assist clients in determining and designing system interface, navigation, hardware/software configuration and integration to smooth operation.

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